Oceania Futsal Confederation (OFC) is a Not for Profit organisation and the governing body of Futsal in Oceania under the membership of Asociacion Mundial de Futsal (AMF) the international governing body for Futsal. Information regarding AMF is available at www.amfutsal.com.py

OFC is the smallest of the world’s six Confederations but is an active participant within the AMF futsal community.

We strive in providing a professional service with a respectful and friendly attitude. We see Futsal as being one of the main sports in Oceania”.
OFC is charged with the task of servicing and administering futsal in the Oceania region while also using the game as a tool for social development. The confederation is led by OFC President Antonio Cifuentes Marquez who was elected to office in 2015. His vision is to raise the overall standard of futsal in Oceania and utilise the power and passion of futsal to help promote education, community development, capacity building, health awareness, cultural exchange and economic development within the futsal community.

OFC works closely with 8 Federations (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji, Solomon Island and Tahiti to promote and grow futsal.

OFC’s long term vision is for Futsal to be one of the largest and most popular sports in Oceania with the ultimate goal of making it an Olympic sport.
In order to achieve this vision, OFC’s business is structured across seven main strategic pillars:

  1. National Teams(National teams to represent their country at International Tournaments).
  2. Elite Player Development (Player Development programs established to provide a pathway for players).
  3. Elite Referee’s Development (Referee Development programs established to create the highest standard of officiating with the opportunity to represent their country).
  4. Elite Coaching Development (Coaching Development programs established to create the highest standard of Coaching with the opportunity to coach a National and International teams).
  5. Community Futsal (Programs and competitions for all standards of Futsal).
  6. Schools Development (Programs to get Schools involved in futsal with the aim of making Futsal a recognised School Sport).
  7. Olympics Push (A strategic plan to make Futsal an Olympic Sport).

OFC Board

  • President: Antonio Cifuentes Marquez
  • Vice President: Sandra Sanchez
  • Secretary: Ben Versang
  • Members – Federation of Australian Futsal.


“Our mission is to provide opportunities and pathways for all players, and officials at any level by bringing Futsal to as many Oceania’s countries as possible”